Report Date: 04/21/2017

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Armani's Chocolate Dream

Name:Armani's Chocolate Dream
AKC #:TS110791/03 09-13 Breed/Variety:Yorkshire Terrier
Birth Date:04/25/2012 Sex:Male
Colors/Markings:Chocolate & Tan
Breeder(s):Eric Jorgensen

Armani's Chocolate Dream
TS110791/03 09-13
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V717922
Zimba The King Of Partis
TR965987/03 09-12
Black & Tan Parti-Color
My Chocolate Sailor Boy
TR488197/04 07-10
Liver & Tan
Jen's Chewbacca Wee King
TR004540/01 10-05
Blue & Gold
Burgundy Wee Justa New King
TN953155/01 01-01
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V133355
Burgundy Wee Justa Cinch
TM609187/01 12-94
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V98820
Burgundy Wee Happy
TN530428/03 12-98
Blue & Gold
Mr Blues Ray Of Sunshine
TP136270/01 05-02
Blue & Gold
Touche's Mr Blue Skies
TN366018/01 02-98
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V136212
Jb's Leanna
TN325759/02 11-99
Blue & Gold
Raz A Taz
TR246278/01 12-05
Black & Gold
CH Crosswinds Double-O-Seven
TP054982/01 05-02
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V308955
CH Le Chaz Marx Devino De Oro
TN131301/02 06-96
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V105711
Crosswinds Two Step To Music
TN838811/06 10-00
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V505196
Crosswinds Ra-Zi Remedy
TR107494/01 08-04
Blue & Gold
Crosswinds Real Deal
TP043652/01 11-01
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V249528
Crosswinds Ms Popcorn
TN436717/02 09-98
Blue & Gold
Toy Town On Golden Pond
TR932030/01 09-10 (United States)
Black & Tan
Parti Time Little Corky
TR692608/01 07-09
Black & Tan
TR416428/01 01-07
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V470507
Parti At The Ritz
TR011509/04 06-04
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V331448
Miss Little Kitty
TP291112/01 06-04
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V583992
Kylie Tribe Of Levi
TR330833/01 06-07
Blue & Tan
Silverspoon's Grin & Bear It
TN552156/05 04-05
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V376507
Simply Irresistible Bittaluv
TP302131/02 03-04
Black & Tan
Toy Town Golden Bella Diamond
TR734499/06 03-10 (United States)
Blue & Tan
Blue Haven Mr Blue
TR233069/03 10-06
Blue & Gold
CH Hylan Acres Roadrunner
TN983190/02 12-02
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V295973
Sanal's Heavenly Blue Angel
TP184131/03 02-04
Black & Tan
K's Parti Bella Diamond
TR483166/02 06-08
Black & Tan Parti-Color
Mystical Valley Hesa Diamond
TR340737/02 06-06
Black & Gold Parti-Color
Stepping In Style
TR295234/02 06-06
Blue & Tan
Ladie Cujo's Rage Over Chocolate
TS026052/01 09-12
Liver & Tan
Parti At The Peanut Gallery
TR876376/03 10-10
Liver & Tan
Rose's Nelson
TR673064/01 03-09
Blue & Tan
Cv's Ty Baby
TP155727/04 08-02
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V330241
Cry Baby II
TN729329/02 03-00
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V71313
Fay L
TN726482/02 01-00
Blue & Gold
Rose's Jaci
TR493249/05 12-07
Blue & Tan
Big Steve Of CV
TP068110/03 03-02
Black & Gold
Rose's Gypsy
TN964967/01 07-06
Black & Gold
Rose's Peyton
TR743825/03 03-09
Blue & Tan
Rose's Jazz
TP153997/01 04-08
Black & Tan
Troy Svane
TN783173/02 06-01
Blue & Gold
Guinevere's Phantom
TN966952/01 06-01
Blue & Gold
Scarlet XVI
TN688064/03 05-99
Blue & Gold
Owens Rebel
TN519825/01 06-98
Blue & Gold
Betsy Lavender
TN273386/06 04-97
Blue & Gold
Godiva's Parti
TR847914/02 06-10
Liver & Tan
AKC DNA #V679317
Blue Diamond's Snickers Bam-Bam
TR464110/03 10-07
Liver & Tan
AKC DNA #V488414
Wilsons Wee Little Wesley
TR211184/01 11-05
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V405106
Wilson's Dinky Dewayne
TN311492/04 03-99
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V119614
Wilson's Kayla Belle
TN688869/02 06-99
Blue & Gold
Wilson's Little Devil Dimond
TR011084/01 03-04
Black & Gold
Jodi's Little Devil Damien
TP014262/04 07-01
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V180623
Wilsons Boo Becka Jay
TN451427/01 05-99
Blue & Gold
Shekinah's Reece Alexis
TR674041/03 07-09
Black & Gold
Shekinah's Reece Chocolate
TR211226/01 03-06
Black & Gold
AKC DNA #V430445
Lucas Gismo Carpenter
TN460207/06 01-98
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V101285
Miss Chocolate Hershey
TP143413/03 05-04
Saffires Pinky
TR259614/05 08-05
Liver & Tan
AKC DNA #V690631
Marcy's Kandy Wee Gizmo
TN568166/01 10-99
Black & Gold
AKC DNA #V174636
Msr's River Jorden
TP200048/01 08-03
Blue & Tan

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