Report Date: 04/21/2017

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Bellascinimon Muffin

Name:Bellascinimon Muffin
AKC #:TS127699/01 06-14 Breed/Variety:Yorkshire Terrier
Birth Date:08/17/2012 Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Chocolate & Tan
Breeder(s):Laney Cooke

Bellascinimon Muffin
TS127699/01 06-14
Chocolate & Tan
Laney's Hershey Kiss
TR979324/01 10-11
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V635749
Green Acres Bo-Jo Brown
TR891943/04 11-10
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V638339
Sweetheart's Loving Teddy Bear
TR770967/01 12-09
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V565596
Chocolate Teddy Bear Kram Haus
TR374896/01 02-07
Liver & Tan
AKC DNA #V436044
Twin Pines Sir Lancelot
TN557543/01 04-99
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V72880
Beaufords Prais'N Sarah
TR253656/03 08-05
Blue & Tan
Katie Bug Kram Haus
TR333998/04 08-06
Black & Tan
Teddy Franklin Of Mexico
TR083741/04 08-04
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V344121
Freeman's Princess Mia
TR108342/03 04-05
Black & Tan
Elschn's Sweetheart Sandra Bullet
TR788710/01 12-09
Black & Gold
Sweetheart's Mel Getson
TR636366/04 12-08
Black & Gold
AKC DNA #V697124
Barber Ridge Country's Beau
TR212041/01 01-06
Black & Gold
AKC DNA #V385670
Princess Kram Haus
TR379446/01 02-07
Blue & Tan
Dolly Pardon My Ways
TR570555/04 12-08
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V687606
Mr. Little Briches
TP318439/03 07-04
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V315609
Ms Charming Nichol
TR128588/03 07-05
Blue & Gold
Green Acre's Pinellapie
TR852121/04 05-10
Blue & Gold
Hall's Happy Jack
TR650175/01 11-08
Blue & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V596527
Lord Taylor Taravella
TN652525/03 11-04
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V617323
Majestic's Prince
TM673029/03 12-93
Blue & Gold
Mai-Ed Gee Gee
TN088577/01 03-97
Blue & Gold
Little Lady Star Light
TN244901/03 11-04
Blue & Tan
Sir Sherman Samuel Skruffitt
TD361630 09-91
Blue & Tan
Vaughns Little Girl
TD198137 10-91
Blue & Gold
Green Acres Bambi
TR263782/03 10-05
Black & Tan
Killer Lavigne Lagerquist
TN577383/01 08-99
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V164283
Buster P Bambino Bambo
TN220549/01 10-96
Blue & Gold
Bridget Burton Snodgrass
TD236152 05-91
Blue & Gold
Kandie Lynn Greenwell
TN388144/05 09-99
Blue & Gold
Hall's Duke Of Lucas
TM933752/04 11-94
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V170399
Hall's Countess Of Katie
TM945258/05 01-95
Blue & Tan
Bella XX
TR261610/02 11-07
Blue & Tan
Corky Man
TP133579/05 05-02
Black & Gold
AKC DNA #V228672
Kirstie's Tiny Terrier
TN754120/01 07-00
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V158310
Kelly's Tiny Binkie
TN136628/04 12-98
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V146160
Dreamer's Little Buster
TM738701/01 01-93
Blue & Tan
Vic-Ellen's Crissee
TC573895 10-87
Blue & Gold
Lady Chelsea Of Grant
TN130232/05 11-96
Blue & Tan
Saint Elsewhere
TC614957 11-94
Lady 'Tater De Sweet
TM898442/02 11-94
Blue & Gold
Anita's Princess Rebel
TN966595/03 04-01
Blue & Gold
Sir Gaye Rebel Of Cocoa
TN399479/01 01-99
Black & Tan
Ace Burton Hembree
TN076090/03 09-95
Blue & Gold
Gidget Leshea Nichole
TD404610 09-95
Blue & Gold
Princess Sasha Kalola
TN636623/01 01-99
Blue & Tan
Mighty Max XVII
TN378246/03 07-97
Blue & Gold
Millie Angel Belle
TN375153/02 03-98
Blue & Gold
Diamond Doll
TN743625/01 06-99
Blue & Tan
Jager Master McLees
TM980159/01 11-98
Blue & Gold
Barbers Charles Dickens
TM293532/01 04-92
Blue & Gold
Shawn XII
TB889087 02-88
Blue & Gold
Barbara's Angel
TC419961 02-88
Blue & Gold
Barber's Agatha Christie
TM623338/02 04-92
Blue & Gold
Branam Texas Toby
TD346282 03-91
Blue & Gold
Teddy Bear's Lady Dandee
TC477689 05-86
Blue & Gold
Giggett Diget
TN611368/03 11-98
Blue & Gold
Sir Knight Challenger
TD101254 05-90
Blue & Gold
Garford Dynamite
TC328779 08-87
Blue & Gold
Little Miss Molly V
TC327430 08-87
Black & Tan
B's Tigger Too
TM842151/06 09-93
Blue & Tan
Heirborne's Lord Olliver
TD395228 09-91
Blue & Tan
Rips Fancy Free
TM734506/01 11-92
Blue & Gold

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