Report Date: 02/04/2022

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Malay's Snow Blue Cabo Chocolate Rendition

Name:Malay's Snow Blue Cabo Chocolate Rendition
AKC #:TS267186/02 03-17 Breed/Variety:Yorkshire Terrier
Birth Date:06/05/2015 Sex:Male
Colors/Markings:Chocolate & Tan
Breeder(s):Debra Mullins

Malay's Snow Blue Cabo Chocolate Rendition
TS267186/02 03-17
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V854387
Snow Blue's Dark Secret
TS145577/02 04-15
Chocolate & Tan
Feathered Gold Hot Chocolate N'Cream
TS031171/02 04-13
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V731519
Hooch Reagan
TR658312/03 01-09
Black & Gold
AKC DNA #V657875
Whitey Bubba
TR267137/02 11-05
Black & Gold
AKC DNA #V451619
TN848032/02 11-01
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V385691
Raber's Heidi
TP219869/05 03-04
Blue & Gold
Saffires Chocolate Chip Cookie
TR406703/01 10-07
Blue & Gold
MSR Johnny Brown Blue True
TP141536/01 03-04
Liver & Tan
AKC DNA #V466536
Sandy's Breezy Girl
TR190681/01 03-05
Black & Tan
Golden Royal Fluffy Angel
TR656932/01 01-09
Chromed Harley Man
TR220440/03 06-05
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V506743
Mr Murphy-M.V.
TP130982/04 06-02
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V249705
Ms Burgundy Rose MV
TP248775/04 05-03
Black & Gold
Ms Macy Mae Centerfold
TR461331/02 10-07
Black & Gold
Sir Reilly Of Moon Valley
TR152757/02 05-05
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V364950
Ellie Mae Fergie Burgundy
TR098323/03 04-06
Black & Gold
Tzo's For The Love Of Diva Dog
TR840227/05 05-12
Black & Tan
Terzo's Black Tie & Tails
TR191909/03 10-06
Black & Gold
TN837276/01 09-02
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V269802
Driver's Dandy Andy
TN063772/01 05-95
Blue & Gold
Driver's Angelina DK
TN041640/01 04-95
Blue & Tan
Miss "Pepper" Faye
TP051090/03 02-02
Blue & Tan
Haynes' Russell Ray
TN476833/01 01-00
Blue & Gold
Oak Branch Angel
TN617690/05 01-00
Blue & Gold
Terzo's Dazzling Diva Dog
TR374884/03 10-06
Black & Tan
Tucker Milles Petty
TR154980/03 03-05
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V362147
Sir Alexzander Ramon Kennedy
TP014103/05 10-02
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V308601
Lacy J V
TP059309/04 10-02
Blue & Gold
Ginger Girl Stacey
TR112337/06 08-05
Black & Gold
Killer Lavigne Lagerquist
TN577383/01 08-99
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V164283
Kandie Lynn Greenwell
TN388144/05 09-99
Blue & Gold
Feathered Gold Oksana Of Regal Desire
TR895114/01 06-12
Black & Gold
Lake Buena Vista Fcs He's Armani
TR894543/01 12-09 (Brazil)
Black & Gold
AKC DNA #V578370
Lake Buena Vista Armani
CDB 03/00298
Moonlight's Do'In It Canadian Style
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Lake Buena Vista Godiche
CBKC RG/SPG/99/01022
Yanke-Yob Wonder Of Love
CBKC SPG/9.600
Dara Do Baktaran
CBKC RG/DFA/94/01720
Shakira York Of Ishizuka'S
CBKC 0100158
Andrei De Chateau Chambiges
CBKC RG/SPU/93/02865
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Mikhaella De Chateau Chambiges
LOE RG/SPU/96/01345
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Yvon Von El Cassius Dio
TR588478/01 08-07 (Hungary)
Blue & Tan None
AKC DNA #V464389
Velasco Of Aparhanti-Vojnits
MET YT.9046/01
Wizzard Of Happy Blue
MET YT.1291/99
Mosquito Du Cue De L'Adour
MET YT.8633/H/98
The Smaragd Of The Royal Crown Cher
MET YT.5887/96
Kit-Kat Bessie
MET YT.1686/92
Esco Royal Town Of Garden D
MEO 1087/91
MET YT.480/89
Uriella Gigolina Yoko Vekdan
MET YT.5001/H/03
Camparis American Gigolo
CMKU YT/12256-00/00/00
Aero's Country Classic
KFT 25/0033914
Nicnak's Ferrari Testarossa
KFT 25/332260
Daniela Yoko Vekdan
CMKU YT/10573/99/00
Camparis Blueprint
KFT 25/0032795
Aurikel Yoko Vekdan
CMKU YT/8455/97/99

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