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New Owner Questionnaire

You certify you are at least 18 years of age. If not, please have a parent or guardian fill in this Questionnaire. (When picking up pup person 18 years of age or older must be present to sign contract!) Yes
Full name of person filling this form out if different than whom my pup/dog will reside with below:
If the person filling this form out (above) is different then the person that my pup/dog will be residing with (below), please give details of the situation.
Full Name:
Street Address:
Phone Number:
How many in your household? What are their ages? Please make sure young children are supervised with pup!
Type and number of pets in your household:
Email Address:
What is the name of the pup you want to put your deposit toward? (if unknown, please put "unborn" or "undecided"):
Do you want a male or female? Male
1st available
Color? Traditional
Chocolate Parti
1st available
Pet or Breeding? Pet
Once you have picked up your pup, may I use you at the email address above as a reference for future pup buyers? Yes
By checking you certify you have read our Health Guarantee/Contract Page, Bringing Pup Home Page and our Payment Page! yes
N/A Buying Adult
N/A Buying One Of My Friends Pups/Dogs
How can I expect your deposit? (NOTE: Pups are not held until deposit is received. No pup is held without FULL payment after 8 weeks old, deposit placed or not). Cash App
Cash In Person
Paypal Online (fee does apply)
Postal Money Order (fee does apply)
Credit Card Over The Phone (fee does apply)
Credit Card In Person (fee does apply)
You are aware that deposits are non refundable? (First $200 of any payments is considered the deposit). See Payment Page of website for full deposit details. Yes
You are aware balance due can be paid in cash at pick up but ALL other payment methods must be made 10 days prior to pick up. Regardless of payment date, if payment is not cleared pup does not leave my home. Yes
You certify if you no longer can keep pup/dog for ANY reason I am to be notified and together we will rehome the pup/dog or pup/dog is to be returned to me for no more then purchase price (whichever we decide together)! Yes

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