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Wendy Abubakari
Middletown, DE 19709
302-465-2085 Call/Text

We raise Yorkshire Terrier's underfoot!
We are the exception to the saying "You get what you pay for!"
..because we have purebred, registered, affordable pups!

All of our animals are part of the family.
All pups are born in my house where they have interaction
with myself, my husband and our 5 children daily from birth!
Pups come with up to date shots, dewormings every 2
weeks starting at 2 weeks old, vet check, 30 days health
insurance, health guarantee and a lifetime return policy!
All of our adult dogs are American Kennel
Club (AKC) registered & health & color tested.
All of our dogs and pups are fed Eukanuba Puppy Food.
You can visit Eukanuba HERE

We use Advocate on our dogs!!!
Advocate prevents/controls, Heartworm, intestinal worms, fleas, mange, lice, etc!!!
For a complete description...CLICK HERE to learn more about
Advocate for dogs and cats!

I received my first Yorkie for Christmas in 1994!

The following year I began breeding him with a
friends female and continued for several years.

My little Mickey Mouse was dognapped in 1999 from my yard...
...never to be seen again! :- (

I met my first husband in 2002 and he had a male Jack Russell
and we bought a female Jack Russell to breed with him.

I started back up breeding only Jack Russells
for a while but I had to have another Yorkie!!!

So, we bought our Rox E and then another and another...

Tragically, the summer of 2005 the neighbors Pit Bull killed
our female Jack Russell and a week later our male had a
seizure and passed away, I believe he was heartbroken!!! :'(

I raised just Yorkies for another 8 years and Dec 2010 decided to go back to
work out of my home and then stopped breeding altogether for several years.

I met my husband now in 2013, I got diagnosed with cancer Jan 2014 and my
husband fell in love with the Labradoodle pet therapy dog that came to visit
when I was in chemo! So, we ended up with our Standard Poodle, had to get
purebred cause my stepdaughter is allergic to dogs but Standard Poodles
are hypoallergenic! :-) But again, I can not live without my Yorkies! I had
3 girls I bred while going through chemo and then I bought a male in October
2016, another female in November 2016 and another female in December 2016! :-)
Bought several more in 2017! :-) So, we have just Yorkie pups now! :-)

This is Ceasar,
He is son to my original Yorkie above.
My Aunt and Uncle bought Ceasar
in 1996 when he was a pup!
My Uncle passed away in June 2009 and
my Aunt couldn't keep all 4 of their dogs. :- (
She kept one, my cousin kept one, another cousin took one
and I, of course, took Ceasar back since he is my grandson! :- )

We also deliver anywhere in Delaware and parts of New
Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland for 75 cents
a mile. (Email us your city and state for a free quote!)
or shipping is available as well to most major airports.

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