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Hello Everyone...just wanted to share some emails I've received!!!

These are from before I was on Facebook... my Facebook is where everyone comments! :-)

FB post from 4/25/2020

8/14/2014 Molly is doing awesome! She is such a joy to us! She's weighing 4 pounds these days. Just wanted to let you know she's doing great and we are so happy we decided to go with her!
Mya & Moe's Molly DOB 11/17/2013!

7/24/2014 Hi Wendy, I am so in love with my little boy. I have decided to call him Pepper. My husband thought of it, so I wanted him to bond with the boy and decided to call him Pepper. He is a real lover boy. He has been very good with potty training. I think he is doing better then my other baby did when I brought him home. My daughter who is a state trooper told me she wanted him and I could go and get another puppy from you. She just loves him. He looks like her little girl. I told her no he is mine and she can't have him. Thank you, Will I get something in the mail from AKC after you registwer him?

5/19/2014 Hey, just wanted to touch base with you. Our puppy is now about 5 pounds and after much disagreement among the four of us, we finally named him Louie. I have attached a pic. He’s doing great.

5/4/2014 Hi Wendy! I just realized I never sent you any updated pictures of Molly. She has kept the name Molly but has about a million nicknames, lol. She will fall asleep on anything fluffy as you can see! She's such a sweetheart and definitely has a little personality on her! She's doing awesome. The other pictures are of Teddy, who used to be Rex, who shares a May birthday with his dad :-) He is our "little man" and we can't believe it's been 7 years already! The two yorkies are getting along great, Molly idolizes her big brother! They are truly wonderful dogs...thanks again!

10/20/2013 Hi Wendy: You sent us two dogs a few years ago, RoxE and LeeC (now GracE). They are both doing well. We wanted to email you today. Today is RoxE's 10th Birthday. We had a big day and she's been the star of the show today. She had a big day with a big walk and special treats. She is well loved. We wanted to thank you today for the two gifts you gave us. They have been a joy to us. They are very spoiled but they've spoiled us too with their love. Thank you so much for sending them to us. Hope you are doing well.

8/28/2013 Hi Wendy, Hope all is well with you and your family. I went to your website and saw that you are expecting another litter in September, so congrats on that. Jasper is doing great with us. He is SUCH a people person. He rarely lets us out of his sight and is always nearby. I have never had a dog that liked to play like he does. He might nap some during the day and he sleeps great at night, but the rest of the time he is playing, playing, playing. He eats really well too. All in all, a very happy, healthy, super-loving little guy! I've attached a picture. I recently registered Jasper and as I did, I remember you telling me that it didn't make sense too pay the extra for the lineage documents because you could provide those. Could you mail me a copy of that document? I would really appreciate it.

12/1/2011 Hi Wendy!! I promised I would send you some updated pics. I am so pleased with my puppy I've renamed her Ava. She's sweet, she's feisty playful cuddly and so much more. I am very happy she's a joy. We have a wonderful bond. Thank you so much for your business time and advice!! Wish I could have met you. Talk to you soon

12/1/2011 Hi Wendy: You sent us two dogs a few years ago, RoxE and LeeC (now GracE). They are both doing well. We wanted to email you today. Today is RoxE's 10th Birthday. We had a big day and she's been the star of the show today. She had a big day with a big walk and special treats. She is well loved. We wanted to thank you today for the two gifts you gave us. They have been a joy to us. They are very spoiled but they've spoiled us too with their love. Thank you so much for sending them to us. Hope you are doing well.

12/1/2011 Hey Wendy, Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!! Jazz E is doing great. My Heidi thinks she is her baby and takes such good care of her while Katie and Boomer just kind of shrugged and said Just don't steal any of my chicken little one. She is a great little girl, so happy and affectionate. My son is having hip surgery in early Jan so I want to get him back on his feet before I take her in to be spayed, probably February. She just kind of fit right in with us and our lifestyle like she belonged here from day one. Feel free to call or visit her anytime you want. Again, thank you for this wonderful little girl. I love her to death!

7/24/2011 Hi Wendy!! Just sending you a photo of our beautiful Lexi that we purchased from you in March 2011. We call her Sexy Lexi lol! Lexi was born to Sae D and Thee O. She is very intelligent and has a great temperament. We rarely hear her bark and it took one week to housebreak her. She is amazing! Thank you for the wonderful edition to our family!

1/7/2011 Hi Wendy, This is Christine, Rita Orange's (now Charlotte) mom. Since today is her 9 month birthday, I wanted to send you an update on her. She now weighs 4.2 pounds and is such a joy to Zac and I. Charlotte is so fun and loves her house. She has been through 2 training classes and enjoys the dog park! She and I go shopping on a regular basis and she loves her clothes! Anyway, I've attached some pictures for you. She really is a great baby! Christine

7/22/2010 Hi Wendy! My name is Nicole Kannengieszer and I bought my yorkie from you in May of 2008; he was from a litter of 4 and his name then was calvin. His mom and dad were Chrissy and Layn E. I kept meaning to send you pictures of him but I never did! So here is a picture of Shaemus Oliver. I absolutely LOVE him. He's my baby. Shae is everything I could ever want in a dog. He has the cutest personality and the cutest face. He is excellent with other dogs and people. My boyfriend has a Doberman who is about 85 lbs and her and shae are best friends! Shae weighs 6 lbs 7 oz. I just wanted to take the time to email you and let you know how pleased I am. I hope to get another yorkie when I move out of my parents house after school, so you will definitely hear from me again in a few years! I also may send you more pics of Shae whenever I get a chance to upload pictures from my camera to my computer! Thanks for giving me the most perfect little boy yorkie! Thanks again, Nicole Kannengieszer

3/8/2010 Wendy, I've been meaning to email you for a long time! Aiko is doing just great. He has the run of the kitchen now, which is a relief because I only have to block the doorway instead of making a "corral". He doesn't really get out into the rest of the house very often, but he FINALLY has been able to get outside for the last 3 days on a leash-he did very well! There are lots of dogs in my neighborhood, so that's been exciting for him. The vet said he's in great shape and his next shot is due on Wednesday. He goes to work with me Mon-Fri and is so well behaved, he just sleeps most of the time, as if he's in a crate although he's in another "corral" area. Anyway, I'd like to think that I'm doing something right, but his temperament is so sweet that I think it's also much due to heredity. So, I keep up to date with your site, and I noticed that no pups were listed from Tasha-did she not have any? Did you sell/place her? She is such a beautiful girl! Also, I read that you will board your past pups at $10/day. My family is going on a cruise from June 16-June 24 and I would be so comforted to leave Aiko with you during that time. Can I reserve those dates with you? I think he would so much rather be with other Yorkies than in a cage in a kennel. Let me know...

2/15/2010 Hi, Wendy, I went to your website to discover all the pups gone now, but that you have reservations for 3 pups from the next litter-that's great! Is Carlos the same guy who got the small male from this litter? Hope Tasha has that many, you said you were concerned. Anyway, a little update on Aiko--he is really getting used to Will [my husband] and me. Of course he wants to be with someone all the time, but I try to give him "quiet time" in his area often. Not so much Will. He worked from home today and was in the kitchen with Aiko. I went to work. When we're in the kitchen with him, we expand the area and keep an eye on him. However, Will is not as vigilant as I am. So, I asked him how things were going and he said that Aiko had pulled some magazines and circulars off a shelf, then proceeded to use them as newspaper. Well, I guess that's kind of the right idea, right? Wrong newspaper, right idea . At night he has been successful with about 1/3 of our kitchen area. We don't really take him out of the kitchen unless we're actually holding him. I'm following your directions. How long do you think, on average, it takes to housetrain a Yorkie? When do you think he can hold his bladder through the night, say 8 hours? Of course, it's not a great time of year to train him to outside, especially this year. I'm taking him to the groomer to trim his ears tomorrow [they're standing up a little more already, I think], and to the vet on Wednesday for his check and next shot. Wendy, I think you are doing a great job with getting your pups ready for new families. Aiko is such a well adjusted guy already. I'll recommend you to anyone who is looking for a pedigree Yorkie. Don't know if you're really interested in this info regarding a past pup, but it's therapeutic for me.

12/29/2009 Hi Wendy, Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how well Cali Chloe (from Bella's 10.6.07 litter - we kept her name) is doing. She is a little over 2 yrs old now and weighs 3.8 lbs, so tiny. She is one of the cutest yorkies I've ever seen, very smart, and has the best temperament ever! She is very laid back, but likes to play too. I'll send pictures soon. Also, her sister Mimi (formerly Holly Heather from Baby's 11.12.07 litter) is doing great too. Mimi now lives with my cousin and his fiancé (who really, really wanted her) and is very spoiled, lol!! They treat her like a baby. J She is very pretty just like Cali and is a ball of energy. Cali and Mimi see each other often since I live about 5 minutes from my cousin. Thanks for breeding such great dogs. Take care and Happy New Year!

12/8/2009 Good Morning Wendy, I was on your web page last night looking at puppies and just wanted to leave you a message/update on Kobi (formerly Uno) who came home to us in January 2005. Kobi was a little fiesty as a puppy and often nipped my son when he was excited (typical puppy behavior) but he has mellowed out to be an amazingly easy adult. He taught himself to fetch as a puppy (it just happened one day)which amazed us. Kobi LOVES being in people's laps and being the center of attention. He's extremely tolerant of small children now and has never bitten. He loves to dress up in his wardrobe of sweaters and tee shirts! :) So many of my friends with small dogs have "yappy" noisey dogs but Kobi never barks at people or even the door until night time when his napoleon complex comes out and he becomes "protective" of the home and barks if people approach the house. I would love if I could be emailed the two pics of Kobi from your past pups page. I want to post him on my facebook. Of course I will direct all interested friends to your site. I have even considered getting Kobi a friend but think I may have waited too long because while he seems to play well with other dogs, he's easily jealous of even my son cuddling with me and will try to get between us, lol. On the site I noticed that most of your dogs have ears that stick up, I LOVE that Kobi's ears are floppy and hang down. Is that just a fluke or something that can be determined as a puppy? If I ever buy another I would prefer the same trait. I enclosed a pic if Kobi lounging in bed with his dragonfly T-shirt on last night from my camera phone. He's about 7 pounds now, maybe just a tad less and has brought so much joy to our family. Thanks again.

6/6/2009 Hi Wendy, I brought a puppy off of you on Labor Day weekend and met you in DE to pick her up, her name was Fancy and her birthday 6/30/08. She is the best and approaching her 1st birthday soon and I was wondering if you could e-mail me all the pics that you have taken of her while she was there since she was born, I'm putting together something for her birthday and an album of her! I'm going to send you pics of her on her first birthday at her party!! She's doing great, finallt completly potty trained to go outside and is inseparable with her sister (other yorkie) Trinity! Her new name is Shiloh Rose. Thanks so much, take your time I know you must be busy!! Thanks again and I look forward to adopting another yorkie from you in the future!!

5/23/2009 Hi Wendy! I bought Hal from you in November and I just wanted to say thank you so much! He's been such a joy to me from the day I got him. You were so right when you said he was spoiled LOL! He wanted to be in my arms non- stop when I first got him... We've somewhat gotten out of that but not all the way. My mom, who never liked dogs, loves him to pieces! Everytime she calls me, she asks about him before she asks about me lol. He's super hyper and very playful. I absolutely love him! Thank you so much!

Thought I'd send you a recent picture of Dallas since it's his birthday today! He's a wonderful dog. He gets along great with my other dogs and is full of attention. I'll probably want to get him a sister in about a year's time.

3/12/2009 Hi Wendy, Here are three photos of our puppy - Lenny Lester - (Bubbaloo Lenny officially) (DOB 12/16/07)- he is almost 15 months old and the best dog in the world! At his check up last week he weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces and has been at that weight now for the last few months. We believe he is full grown now and at his permanent weight and size. He has a wonderful temperament, is very socialized and a delight to have as a family member.
We hope you are doing well and still making wonderful puppies! Thanks again for Lenny!

2/27/2009 hey wendy this is jennifer and i bought jarad now armani and since the first day he came home he has been doing great he is so smart he always uses the potty on the paper i am so happy i have him in my life and i have u to thank because u have raised a healthy wonderful puppy right now my lil baby is sleeping right next to me hes taking a little nap lol but anyways how is lil josh doing has he gotten any better he is in my prayers and i really hope he makes it oh and i had a question for u i wanted to know if u could send me all of my puppies pix from when he was born to when i took him home i would really appriciate this because i am making a photo album and i would like to have the pix of him when he was with u well looking forward to hearing from u soon god bless you and ur family

2/19/2009 Hi Wendy! I was looking on your site to try and find a buddy for my Riley (Jeremy Jacob - Babsi & Layn E's - 12/16/2007 litter) and I saw you had an adorable female available. I'd like to put a deposit on Katie. Can you please send me a paypal bill? I'd like to pick her up possibly as early as Saturday if that's OK. Also Riley is a little over a year old, do you think it would be OK with them together,
he is the sweetest puppy but he's full of energy so I just wanted to make sure putting
them in a house together would be fine. Thanks

2/10/2009 Hey Wendy, I just wanted to send you some updated pics of Romeo. He is doing really good and getting cuter and cuter everyday.

1/29/2009 Just wanted to give you another updated pic of Lilly!!! She is wonderful and we are so happy that she is in our family now!!! We love her!! She is just such a good girl!! thanks again for everything!

12/27/2008 Hi Wendy! Hope your holdiay season is going well, and that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! Jimmie and I were potentially looking for a new brother for Louis (who is doing marvelous I might add!-see attached). We saw that Kris-Orange was going to the smallest of the litter, and were wondering if you thought that full grown he would be close to Louis' size? (4.5 lbs) Please let me know.

12/4/2008 Hi, I thought you might enjoy some updated pics of Dallas. He's such a wonderful boy. He never leaves my side and sleeps right by my head. He's tons of fun and keeps my dachshunds very busy.

11/17/2008 Hi Wendy, Congrats on the new pups--I see there are a lot of boys in this litter! Anyway, regarding Christmas, we will probably drop Indy off on Friday, Dec. 27 around mid- to late-morning if that's okay. We will pick her up sometime on Friday, Jan. 2. We are driving back and forth to Georgia, so there is flexibility if those times don't work for you. Let me know. I'm sure she will have a great time!

11/11/2008 Hi, Just thought I'd send you a picture of our Murphy who was Peter Patrick born to Babsi and Layn E on 12/16/07. He weighs in at just over 6 lbs. We are thinking we may get another Yorkie because we adore Murphy. Maybe in the spring...

11/3/2008 Hi Wendy, I purchased a puppy from you over the summer. I wanted to send you some recent pictures for her. She is Sassy's pup born 05/08/08 aka-Dixie, now known as Bethany. Her last checkup at the vet she weighed 5lbs. I am sure she is closer to 6lbs now though. She is so adorable & sweet & we just LOVE her sooooo much. She is the baby around here & she knows it. She is a mommy's girl! Our 2 daughters who are 6 & 3 adore her. I keep telling my husband if our daughters were older we would be getting another Yorkie!! I am still trying to convince him!! She doesn't like her picture take. She actually barks at the camera so these are the best shots we recently could take of her. These pictures were taken on Halloween with her Orange bows that she didn't like!

10/20/2008 Hi Wendy! I have been meaning to send you some pictures of Marley (before Clyde) for a while now! Now that I have finally gotten around to it you can see he loves sticking his head out the car window and "swim" in the wind haha. He always is sticking his tounge out and is still very tiny. In fact he turns 7 months this week and is 3 puonds!! Well hope all is well and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

9/12/2008 Hi Wendy- Just wanted to let you know that we are in love with Minnie (Ella). She is a sweetheart. I took her to the vet two days ago and he said she was perfect. Thank you for taking such good care of her. :) p.s. - I referred a friend to you. She may be contacting you in the next few weeks.

Lenny is doing great and here are some photos from his first boating vacation at the Cape & Martha's Vineyard. He turned 7 months yesterday and is about 5 pounds 3 oz. He is a great puppy soon to be dog and people comment on his face and his great personality everywhere we go. He has had a summer grooming in these photos but his coat colors are beautiful when it is grown out. We are having him altered and micro-chipped next week as we won't be breeding him.
We hope you are doing well. I see you have lots of puppies, I will keep that in mind if people ask me for a referral.
Thanks for our wonderful Lenny!

I got Bria from you in April and just wanted to let you know how wonderful she is!! Her name is Lilly now and she is such a bundle of joy! She definetly has a personality as well. She loves my cats and gets along well with them now. She also loves to be the center of attention and loves to say hi to everyone who comes over people and dogs. Even if the dog is bigger than her she just goes right up to them and wants to play. I don't think she will make a ver good gaurd dog becaus she wants to go up and lick everyone who comes in our house! but she is so sweat and we just love her! I just wanted to thank you for giving doing such a great job with your dogs and for giving us such a good girl!! I thought you might want to see some pictures too! She has already gotten so big compared to when we first got her! thanks again for everything! and I will keep in touch!

Just wanted you to know Max is so loveable! He is a ball of fire! He just reached 2 pounds! I love him to death. Thank you so much!!!

2/27/2008 Riley is famous...I entered a photo of him and me on the website where I buy my seatbelt purses for their monthly contest and we won :) Now our photo is displayed on their website:

2/25/2008 Lenny did very well on our trip home which was not eventful and much quicker. He has had a good first week and we think he is gaining weight already. He passed his physical with flying colors and he also had his first grooming to trim his nails and hair around his legs, eyes and feet. He also does pretty well with the puppy pads too. He is adorable and we are very happy with him. I have some photos to send you and will keep you posted. Thanks so much for helping us make our Yorkie dream come true!

2/16/2008 Hi Wendy!!! I just wanted to let you know that Armani (Matthew) is absolutely wonderful. He is just so energetic and seems to be adjusting very well. He is eating well, sleeping well, he is also going to the bathroom on his paper like he should. He just has this incredible need to be loved and if you don't pick him up right when he wants he will make a little yipping noise. He is just wonderful. He got car sick yesterday. When we got home he threw up twice. He is feeling better now though. I just wanting to let you know that he is doing GREAT!!!!


2/13/2008 Hi! This is Sugar's Vday you can see she is doing really well :-) See you soon to pick up the new puppy!

2/1/2008 Thanks A million!!! We are so in Love with her right now!!! She has eaten a little and already done her business on the little pad!!! She has been running around getting to know the house!! I just LOVE her!!! Thanks again for all your kindness.

1/3/2008 Happy New Year! Xavier and Wally are doing good. They are done with shots. Xavier is now 5lbs and Wally is 51/2 lbs they are still small, Wally is taller and longer then Xavier. They are so much fun. I had them out back they love the outside and don't want to come back in. lol. Will be sending pictures soon.. Take care

I have one of your puppies. We have named her Itsy Bitsy. she was born on May 11, 2007 and her parents are Molloy's Little Boy Blue and Desert Rose Misty Savanna. I was wondering if you have any pictures of her parents. Also, would like to know if you would lift the limited registration should she eventually be big enough to bred.? Bitsy is a little doll with a great personality.

The boys are doing well. They are so much fun Wally is a worm and loves to play. Xavier is fun too. They are both on dry food and potty training well lets just say they are still young yet but they do go on the paper at times. They will be 3 months on the 22nd. You have done a great job breading. Jimmy is having a ball with both of them. I think Xavier is going to have some of blue's blonde hair he is real lite on his head. Wally is still dark.. I enclosed some pic's
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

I just have a quick question for you: Are you going to have an older pyppy (over 7 mo old) or an adult up to 2 yr old for sale soon? We are looking for another yorkie and I don't want to do the "puppy" stage again, so I thought that I'll ask you first since we got our first one from you.

Hello Wendy, we are the owners of Zoe-E's Orange (Mikey) DOB 4/8/07 who we have formally named Tobey!

Tobey is great; he is a total ball of energy and a really good eater. He still needs some housebreaking work to get him to go outside, but he is great when it come to going the potty pad. He loves the car and has never gotten sick; it actually puts him to sleep just like a human baby. He went for his first plane ride (in the cabin with me, NOT in the cargo area) and it was a piece of cake, not once did he cry or bark.

He has kept his flat nose and has stayed very small (2 lbs at 3 months) and the Vet thinks he will end up being about 3.5 lbs at maturity. Overall he is a joy and has such a loving and playful demeanor. I have attached a few pictures from so you can see the little man for yourself. Thanks so much for the outstanding breeding; I can't imagine having gone to anyone else!

I'm so sorry that I haven't gotten in touch with you sooner but we've been so busy planning a wedding. We just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my hearts for giving us little Chloe, (Iris). I know I was a pain in the butt but you were so willing to help and answered all of my questions. THANKS A BUNCH! As you can see in the pictures, she is doing GREAT and is such a joy and wonderful edition to the family. Even Pop-Pop likes her! J Everyone that comes in contact with her is in such Awwwww and I am constantly giving out your information. She goes to Petsmart for her grooming and they have complimented on her demeanor and beauty and requested that she be able to continue to come back. Thanks again and we'll be sending more pics soon. We just love her to pieces!

Maddie is doing great..she is almost 7 weeks old.. She goes after her little ball just like our big lab TY Chi! She really thinks she is a big dog! She is eating well and Vet says she is in great condition as you already knew....she is working on going outside. Does better on Pee pee pads than newspaper, she sleeps well at night..if she gets up it's only a few minutes and we all gather arround and sing her to sleep again! She is a sweetie!!! Thanks for giving us our little Maddie and thanks to her Mom and Dad too!

Hi Wendy!!!!!!!!!
Just dropping a line to let you know how good Dixie (aka Dot) is doing. She is without a doubt the best dog you've ever bred. We've even adopted a little brother for her (Rascal), he's the pooch in the sofa picture with Dixie girl. I hope you go back to breeding Jack's in the future, I can't see me with any other breed!!!!!!!!
Happy Holidays and Great New Year!!!!!!!!!

Wendy, Just wanted to give you an update with Adrianna (Rox E's Dosa). She is 9 months old and doing great!!! She weighs 3.9 lbs, but has the heart of a 100lb dog! Whenever I take Adrianna out, EVERYONE stops and coos how cute she is! Of course I tell them all about you and give out your website. I still can't believe how tiny she is....she is definitely the love of my life! Thank you so much again Wendy for this little angel! Here are a couple of pictures I took with my phone after Adrianna got back from the groomers today. Hope you like them!

Thank you again for working with me on pick up times and places, you were very accommodating! Overall this was a great experience and I would recommend you to anyone seriously looking to adopt a puppy of their own. Have fun camping!!

Hey Girl I just checked out your website. You are booming i see. Lots of new dogs. Lots of dogs for sale. They are all so beautiful. They make me want more. Tre is still doing great he is so spoiled he sleeps with us in the bed now. I cannot believe how much of a brat he is. But I just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work. He is wonderful.

I just want to share with you a new pics of LILO. In the first one she looks like a show dog !!! LOL maybe she is a show potential !!! LOL on the rest is her in halloween costume. she is a snowflake this year!!! right now @ 14 weeks she weights 3lb 6oz!!! healthy like a horse, but today we had a scare because she got stung by a bee, and we ended up in emergency with her, but thank God she is ok.

Good luck with your yorkie bunch

Hi Wendy! I just want to tell you how happy we are to have LILO ( Helen) with us. She is growing up so fast.... 3 months old and 2 lb 14 oz of pure joy. So far we think that she looks like her daddy- Chance, but that might change with time. Plus that we are so amazed how smart she is... she knows 6 commands, and it takes her only 15 min. to catch on new ones. So, Thank You so much for giving us our little girl, we couldn't be happier and feel more lucky, and it's all thanks to Your great breeding, and the care and time You put into making the most beautifull and smartest babies around.

Hi Wendy, Here are a few pictures of Edward taken a few days ago. He is growing and is as spoiled as a child. He is starting to walk with a leash now and is doing good in his potty training. I'll try to keep you posted with updated pictures as I take them. Happy and Proud Owner


Wendy, Just wanted to email you with a 6 month update. Adrianna (Rox E's "Dosa") is doing great! She weighs 2.9lbs now, so I think she's going to take after Chance! In fact, she looks very similar to him now. Her coat is growing in very silky. Adrianna's vet says she's in perfect health, which I accredit to the great breeding you did!! I recommended someone to purchase a yorkie from you, and I saw that she did! I told her that when it comes to yorkies, you are definitely the right one to buy from. :) I'm enclosing two pictures of Adrianna for you to see. Thanks again Wendy!!!

Hey Wendy! How are things going? I thought you might like to know that we entered sparkle in our local 4-H fair pet show and she won 2 first place Blue Ribbons! One was for "Best Dressed". We had her dressed up like a tennis pro. She was adorable and the other was for tiniest dog! She was really well behaved around the other dogs and had a great time. so did Connie. She was so excited that they won!! They also got $20.00 to spend at the store that sponsored the show! Still running around like crazy here! Connie is in the midst of her kid college. Of course the book she is writting is about yorkies! Well gotta go, but wanted to drop you a line.

Hi, Wendy, I see you are busy as usual making beautiful babies. We just got back from a trip to Alabama and I gave out your website to several people. I hope they contact you. They just loved Tre' He is still just 3 lbs. He got a chance to play with a Shitzu puppy 4 months old named Paris. Now she is 4 lbs and he was so afraid to play with her. he ran from her after he 1st checked her out. Here are some pics of him

Hi Wendy, Sorry I haven't gotten to email you since i got Dante, he is keeping me very busy. All he wants to do is play. I love him so much. I show him to everyone i know and meet and they just adore him. He sleeps with me at night, which you would think wouldn't work out because i might roll on him, but actually it works fine. I somehow know when I'm sleeping not to roll and sometimes he sleeps on the pillow by my head. He is so cute especially when he is sleeping. He has been to the vets twice now and they say he is very healthy, but want him to stay that way so they have me feeding him nutrical a couple times a day to fatten him up a bit. Right now he weighs 1lb 4 ounces. I think he might get to 2lbs. I saw you had 2 litters of puppies, wow. Theres only one left already? Our 7lb poodle is afraid of Dante. Dante wants to play him and he usually doesn't want to, which is sad i wish he had another puppy to play with. I know a person who just got a cocker spaniel mix of some sort that's a puppy so hopefully i can get him together with him to play sometime. This coming school year is my last and I only have to spend half a day in school so I'll have the rest of the day to be with him. I now know my love is yorkies. My boyfriend Evan you saw just thinks he is the greatest thing in the world!! I love watching them play together.
Thank You So Much!!!

Wendy, Just wanted to update you on Adrianna (Dosa). Right now she's just about 12 weeks old and weighs 2.6lbs. Her vet says she's doing great! She has been eating great and loves to go on walks and play with her toys. Her favorite thing to do is rip up her pee pads though, lol. I'm enclosing some pictures of her. Again Wendy, thank you so much for my little girl. I am so much in love!!

Hi Wendy, It's hard to believe that she's a year old now, but here are some updated pictures of Dixie, formerly known as Dot. Couldn't imagine what we did before we got her...............

Hi Wendy, Neno is doing great!!! Attached are some photos that I promised to send you, to keep you updated. I will send more in the near future. I've been getting alot of people asking me where did I get him and I quickly give them your web address. "smile" So I know you will have alot of potential buyers for your next liter. Thanks again Wendy!!

Hey Wendy, I hope all is going well, and that your holiday season was wonderful! Louis is just 3 months and doing so well! hes about 2lbs, or a little under! Attached are several photos of him--just to keep you updated like I promised! Again hope all is well, so many people have asked where I got him, and of course I write down your email in a heartbeat!

Hi, Wendy I am at work but. I just wanted to let you know Tre' went to the dr and he is 2 lbs and will be 13 weeks on the 9th. I see ________ got Gabbys little boy. I am so jealous he is gonna be smaller than Tre'. Oh will have to get another one. It is so true that you can not have just one yorkie. Talk to you later

Hey Wendy, I have some recent pictures of Coco (Indy). Looks like she's going to keep her black and tan coat :) she only has a little silver in her head. I guess she's around 7 months old now and weighs 5 1/2-6lbs and I think the only thing thats still growing is her hair! She has the greatest personality and she plays with my parents 2 dachsunds and the pit bull, in fact she thinks she's the boss :) I also took her to Los Angeles, CA to see my brother over thanksgiving, we flew non-stop 6 hours and she just slept the whole way. The pasengers said they didn't even know a dog was on board. I may be looking to buy a male in the future when we get out of this apartment! Thanks again :)

Hey Wendy! I just wanted to drop you an email telling you thank you and to tell you again that I absolutely adore Louis! The vet came to the house today and said he looked like a great pup with a good disposition! I have been taking pictures, and ordered some outfits for him last night... I will send you some photos after he gets some clothes ;-) oh the important things in a fashion majors life! Well again, thank you for everything..have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Great dogs!!!!! KiKi and JuJu 5 months

thank you Wendy, You have been great and very understanding yourself....much excitement here.........LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Will you ever get back into breeding Jacks?

Hello Wendy. I'm vacationing at home this week and wanted to update you about little FanC. She arrived safely and on time, and we found her to be a beautiful little thing. She's made herself right at home and we'll take good care of her. Best

Hi Wendy, Just wanted to update you on Dixie (formerly known as Dot). She's a joy to have as a pet and a friend. She faithfully does the paper route with me every morning, chasing the bunnies when ever she can. She's a very healthy 13 pounds and is very popular with all the neighborhood kids. Here is the latest picture of Dixie.

Hello: Your site was in our Favorite places and I recently visited it. It was enjoyable looking at the puppy pictures again. We purchased one of the Jack Russell pups from the November 2004 litter. We thought we would send you an updated photo as well. In the "basket" photo on your site he was the puppy known as "ears". We just love him so much, his personality and spirit are just great. Anyway, I'm a Realtor in Kent County and we named him "Fizbo". He always seems to be doing cute things and here's a shot we managed to capture of him reading the paper! He should've been reading the real estate section though... :)

Hey Wendy, I took Coco (Indy) to the vet this past wed and she is very healthy :) In fact the vet showed her off! Just wanted to thank you for her, she's so adorable. I've attached some pictures I took this week if you're interested. Thank you again!!!

I just wanted to let you know that noodles is doing great! we had her spayed last week and she pouted for awhile but her last staple just fell out and she is healed very well. she and the cat take turns chasing each other and taking each others toys to tantalize . it is hysterical to watch! she is an absolute love. she loooves to cuddle up in your lap or next to you in bed and she could sleep for hours on end as long as you don't disturb her. I almost have her house trained. she doesn't tell me when she has to go but she does go out and lay by the back door so I kind of have to pay attention to where she is at all times. she sleeps all night and since I have adjusted her schedule closer to what you had for her she has stopped soiling her crate. we bought her a pillow and she sleeps on that during the day. well I have been somewhat long winded here! thanks for such a beautiful little dog!

Hi Wendy, Just wanted to let you know how wonderful Dixie (AKA Dot) is doing. She delivers newspapers in the morning with me and has so much attention that she actually goes into her crate at night and sleeps!!!! The first couple of nights she whimpered, but since then she's been crate trained and loving it. She attends most of the girl's softball games and the team just loves her. I've given your web site out to two people who wanted to know if the other male was still there. Here is a picture of the little princess. Thanks Again!!!!!

HI! i just wanted to let you know that i have the puppy and that everything went fine. She is adorable! I will take excellent care of her. Well, it was a pleasure doing business with you thank you very much

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