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AKC Yorkie Pups
Wendy Abubakari
Middletown, DE 19709
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As pups are born I notify 1st deposit, they pick or pass, I
notify 2nd deposit, they pick or pass, I notify 3rd deposit, etc.

Once I have gone through ALL deposits IF I have any pups still available I notify
the waiting list all at once and 1st deposit gets available pup of their choice.

Go to Payment Page to leave a deposit!
I'm not taking a waiting list anymore at this time...
I have quite a few deposits and haven't even
gotten to the waiting list the last several litters.
If you want to send deposit for next pick
spot go to Payment Page, fill in my New Owner
Questionnaire and then back on the
Payment Page at the bottom are payment methods.

Click HERE To Go To Pup Page!

I feed Eukanuba dry puppy food chicken flavor medium bites.
I get it from Chewy on autoship.

My Mom is starting a
Dog Grooming Salon
in Greenwood, DE
My pups get $10 off
1st grooming :-)

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My son Manny is Handy Manny! LOL

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